Hello, I’m Elsie. I’m originally from Canada and I’ve been living for 10 years in London, United Kingdom. I am lots of things, including playing in a Brazilian drum band but here are three of my passions:

1/ I’m a Graphic Designer. Design runs through my veins and it’s very close to my heart. I studied packaging and visual communication in OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design). I am obsessed with colour, patterns, typography and design. I recently started being a videographer as well and learning animation. Hopefully, will start a YouTube channel soon! Watch this space.

2/ I’m a Foodie. I love eating, cooking and I make extravagant cakes, you can check out my food dedicated website at elsielicious.com

3/ I’m a Sewist. I have always loved fashion ever since I remembered. Lately, sewing has becoming a new passion of mine. I’ve sewn for years but was never serious about it. This year, I have decided to stop buying clothes but to make my own or upcycle my existing wardrobe. Through this process I’ve learned the importance of slow fashion.

What is StayStylish?

StayStylish is a personal project that stems from my love of fashion, design and everything in between. Please join me in my chronicle of sewing a handmade wardrobe and how to wear them. I hope it’ll inspire you to make your own too.

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