Risk Specialist Magazine designed by Elsie Lam

Risk Specialist Magazine

Risk Specialist is a bi-annual global client publication of JLT Specialty Limited, a specialist insurance broker providing market-leading industry knowledge and expertise to some of the world’s largest companies.

Client: JLT Specialty Limited
Website: jlt.com
Services: Print, Photography, Motion, Social Media
Client Location: London, United Kingdom
Software: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect, Audition, Premiere Pro)


Risk Specialist is a global magazine and there are two divisional sister-magazines that sit beneath it in the hierarchy.

Risk Specialist is an industry specific analysis for JLT’s large and international clients. It publishes bi-annually and has a worldwide readership for both hardcopy and digital online edition.

Working closely with the content and digital team, each issue also comprise a sales toolkit and a social media campaign to promote the magazine.


JLT Specialty has decided to take the magazine production in-house — design and content.

My challenge was to re-design the existing magazine to be in line with JLT’s brand and to stand out from other insurance publications. I also shoot ad-hoc creative photography for the articles when required.

Each magazine is also accompanied by an internal sales toolkit to drive conversation with clients about each article.


Using JLT’s brand colours and guidelines, I’ve created a fluid grid system for the magazine layout. The look and feel is contemporary and open to illustrate that the company is current.

JLT’s brand font family is Helvetica Neue in additional to pairing with Linotype Centennial family as display and headline font.

All three issues featured digitally composed cover images with Adobe Photoshop.

Social tiles are created to extend the lifespan of the magazine. These tiles are posted in Twitter and LinkedIn. They may consist of article focused headlines, infographics, statistics and quotes which is designed to drive back traffic to the article on the website.

In addition to the tiles, as part of the digital creative team, we also film, colourgrade, edit and produce a series of videos to accompany each magazine.