Jackpot Chicken Rice

Jackpot Chicken Rice was a colourfully-hip restaurant dedicated to Hainanese chicken rice in the heart of Toronto's Chinatown.

Date: 2016-2018
Client Location: Toronto, Canada
Credits: Video by Eyespie Productions. Restaurant photographs by Barb Simkova.


Jackpot Chicken Rice was a colourfully-hip chicken rice restaurant in the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown.

It housed all Patois (sister-restaurant) staff during the 2016 Dundas West fire as Patois rebuilt and it was opened for two years.

Hainanese Chicken originated from the tropical island province of Hainan, in southern China. Hainanese Chicken is the ultimate comfort food which you can find all over Southeast Asia.


In 2016, during a family summer holiday in Portland, Oregon, the idea of Jackpot Chicken Rice came about and we had only five weeks to built and bring this restaurant to life.

At the time, Patois was destroyed overnight by a fire. Chef Craig Wong (owner of Patois Toronto) found an opportunity to open a restaurant where he can house all his staff whilst they rebuild Patois. Jackpot Chicken Rice was born.

The client brief was simple — make it colourful and a rice cooker must appear in the logo.


Inspired by our holiday in Portland and Lotte Crunch Crunch Pear Juice, we envision the brand to be fun and colourful.

Due to its location in Chinatown, the logo was also bilingual — English and Traditional Chinese. This project comprises of creating restaurant branding and all support elements such as illustrations, website, menu, exterior and interior décor and signages, merchandise, food wrap paper, business cards and all other marketing material including advertisements, pop-up and collaboration events and posters.